DexAlert is the first and only app to offer Coins and NFTs price alerts together.

Price alerts for Coins & NFTs and ETH Gas Fee Alert. Supports OpenSea & DEXs (Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, Quickswap)

Get notifications on your mobile phone🔔

$DXA will be the native token of our platform & app.

“Dexalert – Coin & Nft Price Alert App” was released both in the Google Play Store and the App Store. There is also the “Web App”

DexAlert is your one-stop shop for web3 mobile notifications. It digs into blockchain to fetch coin prices, NFT transactions, and more. It works hard so you can turn on notifications and relax.

Please read the White Paper


1. Coin Price Alerts for DEXs

With DexAlert, you can set price alerts for all coins on supported DEXs( Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap, Sushiswap)

How can you set a price alert for a token that is traded on Pancakeswap or Uniswap but not listed on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko?

It is very important to track the price of the coin quickly for the people participating in crypto presales, IDOs (Initial Dex Offering).

We are meeting a critical need for investors participating in presales on IDO launchpads like DxSale, PinkSale, Unicrypt, Polkastarter, Trustpad, etc

Presale investors don’t need to stare at the chart for hours. With DexAlert, you can set a price alert for all coins in Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Quickswap, and Sushiswap. And notifications come to your mobile phone 🔔

Guide articles and videos:

2. NFT Price Alerts

It is very easy to follow the NFT collections in Opensea with DexAlert. You can set up a “sale” or “list” alert for NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punk, Azuki, etc.

Set Price Alerts for NFT Collections on Opensea such as Bored Ape, Punk, Monkey, etc

You can set up price alerts for NFT collections in 2 ways: Sale and List alerts

You can set an alert below or above a certain price. You can also set an alert for all sales or list transactions for an NFT collection.

The best part is that all notifications come to your mobile phone.

Note: DexAlet has a Web App as well as mobile apps. Thus, you can also log in to your account from your PC and set an alert.

Here is how you can set up NFT sale & list alert step by step:

Guide article and video:

3. Ethereum Gas Fee Alert

Those who use the Ethereum network always look at the ETH gas fee to avoid paying too much fee.

Depending on the density of the network, the gas fee constantly changes. Use DexAlert, set alerts don’t overpay for the ETH Gas fee.

DexAlert is a blockchain price alert app. You can also set price alerts for coins and NFTs.

Note: DexAlet has a Web App as well as mobile apps (App Store and Play Store). Thus, you can also log in to your account from your PC/laptop and set an alert.

Setting up ETH gas fee alarm step by step with DexAlert

Guide article and video:

Get all notifications on your mobile phone.

4. NFT Block Scanner

Are you looking for good NFT projects? Do you want to search NFT projects?

The NFT Block Scanner is the perfect tool for you.

Find promising NFT projects with NFT Block Scanner. You can get “Top sales, top mints, top burns, top buyers, top sellers” information.

You can make these searches in 8 different periods between 5 minutes and 1 day.

Supported DEXs

PancakeswapBSC/BNB Chain

We will add more DEXs and blockchains.

Supported NFT Marketplace

For now, we just support Opensea. We will add more NFT Marketplaces and blockchains.


1. Dexalert- Coin & NFT Price Alert App: Premium membership can be purchased with $DXA token.

At least 50% of the $DXA tokens used for membership purchases will be burned. This burning process will continue until 50% of the total supply is burned. These transactions will be shared with investors. In this way, a real utility and increasing price graph will occur.

2. DXA token can be used for advertising payment: Our application has advertising options such as “most watched, banner”. There will be a 25% discount when paying with the DXA token for the advertising fee. At least 50% of the DXA tokens received as advertising fees will be burned. These transactions will be shared with investors.

3. In the future, new features will be added to the platform. Users will have to hold a certain amount $DXA token to use these premium features.

4. With the revenue from premium memberships and advertisements, buyback & burn will be done for DXA token.


Increasing Token Price

We have a unique approach to raising the token price. In this way, we will guarantee the rise of the token price. Payment with DXA Token or other coins(ETH, MATIC) to use the premium feature of our applications, not just hold a certain amount. In this way, both the DXA Token will be burned and Buyback & Burn will be done.

  • A simple example of “Coin & NFT Price Alert App”
    • The target audience consists of hundreds of thousands of users. Let’s assume that we only get 50 thousand users. 50k x $5= $250000 monthly. It means that at least $125000 worth DXA token will be burned & buyback-burn each month.

Make simple accounts using your mathematical knowledge. The moon is not too far😉

Great Utilities

There are 4 excellent utilities. There will be more come.

  1. Premium membership can be purchased with $DXA token
  2. DXA token can be used for advertising payment
  3. Users will have to hold a certain amount $DXA token to use these premium features.
  4. With the revenue from premium memberships and advertisements, buyback & burn will be done for DXA token.

100% Safe

How? We have “Golden KYC Verification” from idopresales.com which is the most reputable KYC company in the space.

So, if there is any problem for investors(scam-rug pull), our KYC provider(idopresales.com) will refund 100% to all investors.

Long Term

Every day we see dozens of soft rug pull projects. They deceive people with simple and ridiculous demos, etc. After collecting the funds, they abandon the project. DexAlert is a project that solves a real problem, has a ready app for DeFi users, and will become a DeFi hub in the future.

Many people who see the potential of this project will want to invest. So be fast and be an early bird.

Marketing Strategy

Many projects are marketing only for presale, before the presale. The only purpose is to collect more funds. In this case, presale investors lose.

We will do marketing before and after the presale. In addition, the post-launch marketing plan is ready too. We will ensure that our early investors earn.


Token name: DexAlert

Token symbol/ticker: DXA

Network: BSC/BNB Chain

Contract: 0xa57671c85A190507b3f91464d8d0Bf7EcFE73b1C

Total supply: DXA

Token Distribution

Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool18,23%
Development10%12 months locked (5% after 6 months, the rest after 6 months)
Ecosystem10%6 months locked
Team10%1 year locked
Marketing7,84%total 12 months lock with batches(1-12 months)
Private Sale4,6%


Buy/sell tax is 5%:

  • 5%: Development and marketing

Usage of Funds

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Operating expenses



Phase 1

-Creation of the team
-Releasing the website
-Social Media Accounts

2022-Q2 & Q3

Phase 2

-Release on Google Play Store
-Release on the App Store
-DexAlert Web App


Phase 3

-DXA Token design
-White Paper
-Private Sale
-Presale Marketing
-Launch at Pancakeswap
-Post-launch marketing
-CMC & CG listing

2023- Q1 & Q2

Phase 4

-Adding new DEXs
-Adding new chains
-Adding new NFT Marketplaces and chains
-Improvement of “NFT Block Scanner”
-Improvement of charts

2023- Q3 & Q4

Phase 5

-Swap function
-New features
-UI/UX improvements


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