DexAlert: Token & NFTs Alert App

Main Features:

  • Coin Alert: Follow the prices of all tokens in PancakeSwap, UniSwap QuickSwap, and SushiSwap and set alerts
  • NFTs Sale & List Alert for OpenSea
  • NFT Block Scanner: Find promising NFT projects
  • Ethereum Gas Fee Alert

DexAlert is your one-stop shop for web3 mobile notifications. It digs into blockchain to fetch coin prices, NFT transactions, and more. It works hard so you can turn on notifications and relax.

DEX Supported:

PancakeSwap BSC/BNB Chain
UniSwap Ethereum
SushiSwap Ethereum
QuickSwap Polygon

NFT Supported: OpenSea

Main Features

Coin/Token Alert

Create price alerts using the token smart contract and don’t miss out on trading opportunities. Be aware of price changes quickly(pump, dump) and manage your investments better.

NFTs Sale & List Alert for OpenSea

With fast and up-to-date price information and transactions, you can better manage the NFTs you invest. In this way, you can increase your profit.

Ethereum Gas Fee Alert

You can track the ETH gas fee and set alerts. Don’t overpay

NFT Block Scanner

Find promising NFT projects with NFT Block Scanner. You can get “Top sales, top mints, top burns, top buyers, top sellers” information.

Why DexAlert

Stay Informed

Take advantage of alerts, manage your investments better. Earn more


Elegant UI (User Interface) with light and dark mode, NFT, and Coin layout.


Fast support on Discord and Telegram. Tech support, bug report, feature request and more.

Pay with Cryptocurrencies

You can pay “Premium membership fee” with ETH, BNB, or MATIC. Sign In/Up to DexAlert Web-Connect Metamask to DexAlert Web-choose your plan-pay.

Easy to Use with DexAlert Web

DexAlert Web App is also available to make it easy to copy and paste token addresses and NFT slugs on a computer. You can set up alerts using the web interface and receive notifications on your phone.

How it Works

1. Register an account

It is necessary in order to save your watchlists and alerts. Grant notification permission when requested.

2. Choose your Plan/Membership

Free or premium membership.

3. Find your coin or NFT

Search token by address and NFT by OpenSea slug. Add them to your watchlist.

4. Add alerts

Choose a coin or NFT from your watchlist to set up alerts.

5. Get notified

You will receive notifications when the coin reaches your price target or NFT transaction happens.


Connect Metamask on “DexAlert Web App” and Pay with Cryptocurrencies.

Accepted coins: ETH, BNB, MATIC


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Double-check your network, exchange and token address. Some exchanges have multiple versions like Pancake-V1 and Pancake-V2. If you are not sure which version to choose, try them both.
OpenSea slug is the last part of the URL of an NFT collection. For example, the URL of BAYC is and the slug is boredapeyachtclub.
If you have only used the web interface, your alert is not enabled. Please download the mobile app and enable notification.
Open your account in DexAlert Web App. Go to Setting – Membership page. Link your Metamask wallet. Choose the plan you want, and confirm your payment in Metamask.
Select your item and swipe to the left to find the action button.
You can adjust your notification options in your phone’s settings. (Setting-Notifications) Also make sure that your phone is not in a mode that blocks notifications such as sleep.
You can adjust this setting from your phone’s settings.
You can find promising NFT projects by using NFT Block Scanner. Please check out this video: