How to create price alerts for all coins on Pancakeswap?

How can you set a price alert for a token that is traded on Pancakeswap but not listed on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko?

It is very important to track the price of the coin quickly for the people participating in crypto presales, IDOs (Initial Dex Offering).

We are meeting a critical need for investors participating in presales on IDO launchpads like DxSale, PinkSale, Unicrypt, Polkastarter, Trustpad, etc

Presale investors don’t need to stare at the chart for hours. With DexAlert, you can set a price alert for all coins in Pancakeswap. And notifications come to your mobile phone 🔔

So how do you set up a price alert for a token in DexAlert?

DexAlet has a Web App as well as mobile apps. Thus, you can also log in to your account from your PC and set an alert.

Step.1: Sign up or Sign in

Step.2: Go to the Coin section

Step.3: Paste the smart contract address in the “Token smart contract” section. And click the “Search” button. (make sure Network is BNB, Exchange in Pancakeswap)

Step.4: Check the token’s information on the screen and click “Watch”.

Step.5: You are now in the “Watchlist” section. Click on the token you want to set alerts.

Step.6: You are on the Token page. Set an alert using the slider or typing the price manually.

Now relax. When the price reaches the alarm level, the notification will come to the mobile.

You can delete the alert by swiping left.

Note: You can set the notification to silent, sound or vibrate in your phone settings.

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