How to set ETH Gas Fee Alert?

Those who use the Ethereum network always look at the ETH gas fee to avoid paying too much fee.

Depending on the density in the network, the gas fee constantly changes. Use DexAlert, set alerts don’t overpay for ETH Gas fee.

DexAlert is a blockchain price alert app. You can also set price alerts for coins, and NFTs.

Note: DexAlet has a Web App as well as mobile apps (App Store and Play Store). Thus, you can also log in to your account from your PC/laptop and set an alert.

Setting up ETH gas fee alarm step by step with DexAlert

Step.1: Sign up or Sign in

Step.2: Go to the NFT section. Click the ETH icon at the top right corner.

Step.3: You are on the ETH Gas Fee page. Set an alert by typing the price manually.

Now relax. When the price reaches the alarm level, the notification will come to the mobile.

How do I delete alerts?: Swipe left to see the action button.

Note: You can set the notification to silent, sound or vibrate in your phone settings.

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